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Website Design Services

Create Website: HTML/CSS

Best practices, industry trends and current
technology will be used to create your website
with visual appeal, design elements based on
your branding, an easy-to-use navigational
system and coding tailored to search engines.

Create Website: WordPress

This popular software will be used to create
your website. Do you have frequently changing
content and need a website that is easy to
update? Want to use a Blog to communicate
with your customers? This is the way to go!

Convert Website to Responsive

Make it easy for your customers to find and
get in touch with you by having a website
that can be viewed on all devices:
desktops, laptops, tablets, eReaders, PDAs
and smartphones.

Convert Website to WordPress

If your website is filling up with content
and needs a better system to manage the
information, migrating to a WordPress site
is the answer. Either duplicating the existing
design or creating a fresh new look is possible.

Online Publishing

Digital design of your Brochures • Contracts
Logos • Magazines • Newsletters • PDF
Documents and Forms • PowerPoint
Presentations • Surveys • and everything
else you want to share electronically.

Social media strategy

Rather than waiting for your customers
to find you, increase your visibility using
sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
An editorial calendar and postings will assist
you in connecting with your target market.

  • Due to the individual nature of projects, an estimate will be provided.
  • Projects will be subject to an initial deposit, interim payment and final payment upon completion.
  • Billing will be submitted by invoice and payment is due within 15 days.

Virtual Assistant Services

Desktop Publishing

Creative design of your print materials:
Brochures • Business Cards • Contracts
Forms • Logos • Letterhead • Newsletters
Posters • Presentations • Templates.

Project Management

Keeping your projects on track to meet
your goals through communication,
documentation, monitoring and reporting.

  • A task-based estimate will be provided. Hourly rates and prepaid time blocks available.
  • Billing is in 15 minute increments, invoiced monthly, and payment is due within 15 days.
  • Tasks to be completed on weekends or holidays will be subject to a fee 1.25 times the hourly rate.
  • Project rates available upon request.